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A rainbow world of colours

Wellies stomp, wellies stamp


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The songs below are part ofAway we go! Round and about

written and illustrated by Dany Rosevear


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A rainbow world of colours O


Open your eyes to the wonder of colour in our world.

Learn the seven names of the colours of the rainbow in the right order.


Hold up the right number of fingers each time they are mentioned.

































One is one for the yellow, yellow sun,

Two is two for the skylarks in the blue,

Three is three for the green hills I can see,

In our rainbow world of colour.



A rainbow shines in an arc of sparkling dew,

Red and orange, yellow, green and blue,

Indigo and violet are the seven shining hues,

In our lovely world of colour.


Four is four for the red crabs on the shore,

Five is five for the white whales as they dive,

Six is six as the leaping salmon skip,

In our rainbow world of colour.

Make the round sun with hands.

Cross hands and make them fly.

Hands move to make hill shapes.

Move hands in an arc over head.



Make rainbow as above then fingers make sparkle movements.

Hold up a finger for each colour.

Hands indicate round world.


Make fingers move like crabs.

With palms together make diving movements.

Place one hand on top of the other with thumbs out and make leaping movements.

Make rainbow movement as before.



Wellies stomp, wellies stamp O


Make the most of the rain – get outside and start stamping in the puddles – once you’ve put on your wellington boots of course!
























I love boots, waterproof boots:

Blue boots, red boots,

Pink and green galoshes.

I love boots, waterproof boots,

In and out the puddles

Making splishy splashy sploshes.


Wellies stomp, wellies stamp,

Just like an elephant.

Wellies stomp, wellies stamp,

Just like an elephant.



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