Winter songs

Peter, Peter Penguin

Sing a song of winter

Sleigh ride

Snowdrops, snowdrops


Song of the dragon

Sounds of Winter

The Snowkey Pokey

The sky bears had a pillow fight

Tiny little snowflakes

To a snowflake

Up in the morning early

Way up high in the winter sky

We sing of the polar bear

Who loves the trees best?

Who loves the winter?

Who saw the footprints in the snow?

Willows in the snow

Winter goodbye!

Winter is cold

Winter joys

Wrap up warmly for winter

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The songs below are part ofAway we gocompiled, adapted and illustrated by Dany Rosevear

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Peter, Peter Penguin O



A movement song for winter.





























Peter, Peter Penguin, marching by, march in place

Toes turned out and head held high;

waddle with feet at ten to two, lift chin with finger

A long black coat stroke downwards

And a clean white vest, thumbs to chest and sway

Peter, Peter Penguin, you're the best!

waddle then put up thumb



Over the river and through the woods O


This song is based on the poem written in 1844 by Lydia Maria Child who was a women and American Indian rights activist, reformer, writer and speaker. It was originally sung at Thanksgiving but is popular throughout the Christmas season.

There are other verses and the original goes to ‘grandfather’s’ house.


































Over the river, and through the wood,

To Grandmother's house we go;

The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh,

Through the white and drifted snow, oh!


Over the river, and through the wood,

Oh, how the wind does blow!

It stings the toes and bites the nose,

As over the ground we go.


Over the river, and through the wood,

With a clear blue winter sky,

The dogs do bark, and children hark,

As we go jingling by.


Over the river, and through the wood,

Trot fast, my dapple-gray!

Spring over the ground like a hunting-hound!

For 'tis Thanksgiving Day.


Over the river, and through the wood,

Now Grandmother's cap I spy!

Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done?

Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!



Sing a song of winter 🔊



Never mind the weather, wrap up warmly and get outside.

































Sing a song of winter,

Fog and wind and rain,

Ice and frost and snowflakes,

Falling down again;

Never mind the shivers,

Jump and run and slide,

Hats and coats and gloves and scarves,

Will keep us warm outside!



Sleigh ride O


I have used this song from BBC radio’s Music Box in the past to accompany a Russian dance in a wintry Nativity play.

Make jingly sounds with percussion instruments or find metallic bits and bobs to make tinkly sounds such as bottle tops and coins in a container to accompany the song.























Galloping across the plains

Racing in the moonlight,

Hoof beats sounding o’er the snow

And all the sleigh bells ringing.

Hoof beats sounding o’er the snow

Just listen to the bells – Hey!



Snowdrops, snowdrops O



A lovely rhyme for the first flowers of the year.

As I was not able to find the tune I have put to music myself.






























Snowdrops, snowdrops, little drops of snow,

What will you do when the cold winds blow?

We’ll hide our little heads and say

“Cold wind, cold wind, go away!”


Snowdrops, snowdrops, dressed in green and white,

What will you do when the sun shines bright?

We ring our little bells and sing:

“Tingaling, tingaling, here comes spring.”



Snowman 🔊



A very simple winter hand play.






















Once I was a snowball,

Then I grew and grew,

Now I am a snowman,

“How do you do?”




Song of the dragon 🔊



A song for the Chinese New Year.

Arranged by Dany Rosevear.

Make a large dragon made out of sheets with a box head. Children dance under this in a wiggly line singing this song to the sound of cymbals and drums.



























See the dragon come on a hundred legs!

He brings us all good cheer;

Him we do not fear!

Long life and peace and joy

In the bright new year!



Sounds of Winter 🔊



Loud, soft and quiet sounds. Change is once again in the air. A second seasonal song about sound.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.

This could easily be accompanied by percussion instruments.






























Winter sang its songs for me, it sang its songs for you,

The cold wind whistled loud and shrill, “Whoo-ooo-ooo!”


The snow came whirling, swirling down, “Hist, hist, hist!”

It piled up softly on the ground, “Drift, drift, drift!”


Children snuggled in their beds and gently snored.

As windows rattled and the wind knocked at the door.


Outside there came a-tinkling of merry windblown chimes,

Then through oaken woods it howled while whisp’ring through the pines.


Booted footsteps in the snow crunched and squeaked,

And puddles with their icy crust cracked and creaked.


Hungry robin came to feed, “Tweet, tweet, tweet!”

Then blackbird, bluetit, finch flew in “Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!”


Chickadee made scolding calls and puffed its little wings,

“We thank you for our winter feast!” just hear them sing.


The children came, played snowball games, in whumpfy rounds,

Shaped angel twins with feathered wings on the ground.


Winter sang a song for us, it sang with frosty glee,

The children whirled and twirled and laughed, joyfully!


But silence is cold winter’s treat on a snowy moonlit night,

Just listen: SHHH! there is no sound and all is quiet.



The sky bears had a pillow fight O



A song to sing in wonder and amazement as light dawns; save especially for the first snowfall of the year. Second verse by Dany Rosevear; make up your own verses to include other snowy day activities.



























Oh, it snowed last night,

It snowed last night,

The sky bears had a pillow fight,

They tore up every cloud in sight,

And tossed down all the feathers white.

Oh, it snowed last night,

It snowed last night,

Yes, it snowed last night!


Oh, it snowed last night,

It snowed last night,

We woke to see the garden white,

And ran outside in such delight,

Quite ready for a snowball fight.

Oh, it snowed last night,

It snowed last night,

Yes, it snowed last night!



The Snowkey Pokey  🔊



A winter warmer action song; get moving and keep those chills away.

Identify left and right.

Works well with a winter clothing theme, jst add more items.


1.& 2. Put gloved hand forward then back. 3. Shake hand vigorously. 4. With one hand on top of the other seesaw elbows and turn around shivering and clutching arms. 5. Put hand to mouth and shout “Brrrr!” Throw out hands.

Verse 2.- 4. as before. Verse 5, Jump forward and back then as before.





































You put your right mitten in, you take your right mitten out,

You put your right mitten in and you shake it all about;

You do the Snowkey Pokey and you shiver and you shout:

BRRRR! That’s what it’s all about – SNOW!


You put your left mitten in…

You put your right boot in…

You put your left boot in…

You put your whole self in…



Tiny little snowflakes 🔊



Words and music by Mrs. Ida M. Budd published 1897.

I have only sung the first three verses as the last one sounds a bit too Victorian for today’s children who, thankfully, are allowed to enjoy play in their early years.




































Tiny little snow-flakes,

Sailing thro’ the air,

Where can you be going?

Will you tell me where?

From your cloudland harbour,

Downward drifting slow,

Like a fleet of fairy sails,

On and on you go.



Merry little snowflakes

How you dance and play,

Just like happy children

On a holiday.

Rushing fast and faster,

Skipping here and there;

Have you any work to do

In the wint’ry air?


Busy little snowflakes,

Now your work I’ve found,

Weaving soft white carpets

For the cold, hard ground;

Folding all the wheat fields

In your blankets deep,

Keeping them all safe and warm,

For their winter sleep.


Happy little snow-flakes,

Turning work to play,

I have learned a lesson,

Watching you today;

If I do my duty

Faithfully and true,

Work will seem like play, and I

Shall be glad as you.



To a snowflake  🔊




From the German by Emile Poulsson; from the book ‘Songs of a little child’s day’ published 1910.

Music by Dany Rosevear as the original tune was a little tricky!


























Oh, little frosty snowflake,

So lightly floating by,

A long, long way you travel

In coming from the sky.


Come rest upon our window;

How could you float so far?

We children love to see you,

You pretty filmy star!



Up in the morning early  🔊




A winter song and poem from Scotland. This song by Robert Burns was written in 1788.































Cauld blaws the wind frae east to west,

The drift is driving sairly;

Sae loud and shill's I hear the blast

I'm sure it's winter fairly.


Up in the morning's no for me,

Up in the morning early;

When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw,

I'm sure it's winter fairly.


The birds sit chittering in the thorn,

A' day they fare but sparely;

And lang's the night frae e'en to morn

I'm sure it's winter fairly


Up in the morning's no for me,

Up in the morning early;

When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw,

I'm sure it's winter fairly.



Way up high in the winter sky  🔊




A winter hand play to a familiar tune (Up on the rooftop).


Line 1. Raise hands above head, squeeze arms. 2. Point up with two fingers then hand to brow. 3. Flutter hands down to ground. 4. Turn hands in circle with hands fluttering all about. 5. Flutter hands down to ground. 6. Spread hands apart with wiggley fingers. 7. Hands cloak everything. 8. Put finger to mouth.







































Way up high in the winter sky,

Two little snowflakes caught my eye;

Down to the ground they fell without a sound,

And before very long, it was snowing all around.


The snow fell softly all through the night,

It made a blanket soft and white;

It covered houses, flowers and ground,

But never made a single sound.



We sing of the polar bear O



Long live the ice and snow to keep the diminishing number of polar bears happy.


To find more about the origins of this song and other versions visit: 

































We sing of the polar bear fearless and bold.

He never feels hot and he never feels cold,

Because where he lives summer never occurs,

And the rest of the year he wears plenty of furs.

Tooralee, tooralay,

The ice and the snow keep him happy all day.


We sing of the polar bear fearless and bold.

He never feels hot and he never feels cold,

He dives in the water with a splash! and a splish!

Catching silvery fish it’s his favourite dish.

Toora lee, toora lay,

The ice and the snow keep him happy all day.




Who loves the trees best?  🔊




A song of the seasons. A poem by Alice May Douglas 1865 – 1943.

Music by Dany Rosevear.
























Who loves the trees best?

“I,” said the spring,

“Their leaves so beautiful

To them I bring.”


Who loves the trees best?

“I,” summer said,

“I give them blossoms,

White, yellow, red.”


Who loves the trees best?

“I,” said the fall,

“I give luscious fruits,

Bright tints to all!”


Who loves the trees best?

“I love them best,”

Harsh winter answered,

“I give them rest.”



Who saw the footprints in the snow? O



Make footprints on a snowy day. Have a go at walking in each other’s footprints. Learn to identify animal tracks.


Encourage children to make up their own rhyming couplets.














Who saw the footprints in the snow?

Who came along and where did she go?


The farmer’s wife has just been out

To scatter bits of bread about.



One little sparrow was out today

He ate some bread and hopped away.



A pigeon ate some breadcrumbs too,

She walked around, then off she flew.



A cat crept up behind the hedge,

Then sprang onto the window ledge.



A squirrel found the snow too deep,

So went off home to have some sleep.



On his horse, the farmer’s son,

Went riding off to have some fun.





Willows in the snow 🔊




Based on a Japanese haiku by Tsuru.

Music by Dany Rosevear.

























The willows hanging low,

Shake from their long and trailing skirts

The freshly fallen snow.




Winter goodbye! 🔊



In hope.

A song from Germany for late Winter.























Winter goodbye! Winter goodbye!

Gone is the ice and snow,

Flowers will soon start to grow,

Winter goodbye! Winter goodbye!


Winter goodbye! Winter goodbye!

You may no longer stay;

Springtime is on it’s way,

Winter goodbye! Winter goodbye!




Winter is cold  🔊




Love the words of this rhyme but despite research, have no idea of their origin.

Music and second part by Dany Rosevear.


Line 1. Hug yourself and shiver. 2. Wiggle fingers downwards. 3. Pretend to gather nuts. 4. Cross hands at wrist and flap. 5. Fingers to head as ears. 6. Stroke arms. 7. Form cave over head, 8. Hands to cheek. 2nd part: Hands to cheek. Stretch arms. Open and close thumb and finger. Jump up and dance.











































Winter is cold,

There is snow in the sky,

The squirrel gathers nuts

And the wild geese fly;

The little red fox,

Has his fur to keep warm,

The bear's in her cave,

Sleeping all through the storm.


Sleep, sleep, deep sleep, all winter long,

Wake up in the Spring, for the little birds sing,

Jump up and join in with their song.



Winter joys 🔊




A poem for Winter by Dorothy Graddon.

Music by Dany Rosevear.



































White stars falling gently,

Softly down to earth,

Red fires burning brightly

In the warm and cosy hearth.


White trees changed to elfin-land,

By red sun's dazzling glow,

Little robin redbreasts

Hopping in the snow.


Happy children's voices,

Shouting loud with glee,

Oh! the joys of winter

Are wonderful to me.



Wrap up warmly for winter 🔊



It is great to be outside when the weather is cold as long as you are active and dressed suitably.

Music by Dany Rosevear.


Mime dressing.






















Let’s put on our mittens and button our coat,

Wrap a scarf snugly around our throat;

Pull on our boots, fasten the straps,

And tie on tightly our warm winter caps.

Then open the door and out we go,

Into the soft and feathery snow.





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