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The songs below are compiled, adapted and illustrated by Dany Rosevear

*** Original songs by Dany Rosevear

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This pretty planet 🔊



This wonderful song by Tom Chapin is more usually sung as a round. It is also sung as a lullaby.

This amazing song went round the entire world when it was one of the songs used to wake up the astronauts, including John Glen, on the Discovery 7 space shuttle!


1.Make a ball with hands, roll forearms round each other. 2. Make flower round face, arms make waves, hands together as in prayer. 3. Lift arms up and outwards, as in first line. 4. Hands to cheek, hold arms, Lift arms up and outwards.


































This pretty planet, spinning through space,

Your garden, your harbour, your holy place.

Golden sun going down,

Gentle blue giant spin us around.

All through the night,

Safe ‘til the morning light.



Tiffy one and Tiffy two 🔊




Here’s one for the saints and singers among us. Which one are you?! Every child needs to feel loved however they might have behaved; they need to know that in good or bad times someone will always be there for them.

There are discussion points here to decide why some behaviours might be deemed ‘good’ or ‘inconsiderate’.

Change ‘Tiffy’ to a child’s name or one chosen by that child and insert behaviours that might be relevant to a class or family group.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear inspired by a lively family visit.


Raise a finger each time a number is sung.

Make expressive faces or actions for each behaviour.





















Tiffy one is so much fun,

Tiffy two’s a crosspatch too!

Tiffy three shares chips with me,

Tiffy four stamps on the floor!

Tiffy five sings lullabies, (Golden slumbers interlude)

Tiffy six is up to tricks!

Tiffy seven was made in heaven,

Tiffy eight is always late!

Tiffy nine is very kind,

Tiffy ten’s in trouble again!


Tiffy ten or Tiffy nine,

Smile or scowl you’re always mine.

Growly grumps or cheerful you,

Happy hours or hullabaloo,

Love you, love you, yes I do!



Time just slips away 🔊



A nostalgic song - old friends, what would we do without them!

We make friends throughout out lives and many we remember with great affection.

As for many children, my father was in the RAF, there was constant movement throughout my childhood; sad though it was to leave friends behind there was always the excitement of making new ones. As I got older it was much easier to keep in touch in one way or another with those left behind; and even if decades had past, easy to pick up the familiar threads that bound us once we met again.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.









































We need to talk, we need to walk,

We need a friend indeed;

At work or play to share the day,

To help us on our way.

But time slips by, the minutes fly,

The weeks, the hours each day,

Though love’s still there,

And we really care,

Time! Time! Time!

Time! Time! Time!

Time just slips away.



Tiritomba 🔊



An Italian folk song and a cheerful song of the open air. It is also a popular camp song and I became familiar with it at an International work camp in Turkey when I was a young student in the 1960s. The English words here are by Fred Rendell.


































Far above us, far above the sun is shining,

As we climb the mountain pathway.

High above us, high above the sun is shining,

As it warms us on its way.


Tiritomba, Tiritomba, It’s the open air for you and me,

Tiritomba, Tiritomba, Now at last we can be free!


In the clear sky we can see the eagle soaring;

As he scans the hill below him.

On his broad wings we could fly away for ever;

And never have to rest.



Far away there we can see the river flowing,

With the hills and trees beside it.

It will cool us as we rest beside the waters,

On our journey to the west.




Treasure 🔊



What is true treasure, the inheritance we wish to leave our children and grandchildren?

It’s Autumn here and there’s treasure to be found: conkers, fallen leaves, acorns, watching squirrels collect store them. Each season brings its treasure.

In our commercial world treasure is often defined as precious metal and gems rather than being thought of in a wider context as things we do for each other, nature’s harvest and our environment.

Look around and name things that might be precious to us individually and discuss your reasons for such a choice.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.












































Let the children dream of a world that’s green,

A world full of trees growing high;

Where treasure’s not gold but the hills of old,

Long walks on the wild, wild side.

Together awhile where there’s laughter and smiles,

And nights under the starry skies.


Let the children play and discover each day,

Where all kinds of books can be found;

Where treasure’s not gold but great stories told,

Where wisdom and wonder abound;

Where words ripple along as a river rolls on,

Weaving magical strands around.


Let the children go where the fair winds blow,

Where good health and happiness thrive;

Where treasure’s not gold but kind hands to hold,

Where love helps each day go by.

Where rainbows leap on through the big beyond,

And brave hearts take wing and fly.



Treasure hunt 🔊



A post nature walk circle game. Recognise nature’s treasures in your surroundings.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.

Children need to appreciate what we have been gifted in this wonderful world of ours before they can start understanding the fragility of our ecosystems and the need to preserve its longevity. Start with that step out of doors. Children will need firm guidance on which things they can collect on a ‘nature walk’ and what should be left undisturbed but drawn or pictured in their mind.  

Some ideas: Stop every so often and count - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Can you name five treasures?

Spring: lichen on a twig, moss, new leaf, sticky buds, blossom

Summer: dandelion clocks, feathers, ladybirds, blade of grass, nettle

Autumn: acorns, conker cases,  coloured leaves, elderberries, old man’s beard

Winter: fir cones, bark, evergreen leaves, skeleton leaves, pebbles

Alternatively: Play I-Spy or a colour / texture hunt I love the imagination hunt suggested by the woodland trust:

A partner song that would work well with this is ‘Look up, look down’

Once back in the classroom from a nature walk each child holds their treasure, drawn, imagined or otherwise hidden in their hand. Children walk round first one way then back in a circle then take turns to enter the circle and say three things about their find, the others guess what it might be.


















































Let’s go walking,

Walking, walking,

Let’s go walking

We’ll see nature’s treasures all around;

When we walk back again,

Back again, back again,

When we walk back again,

We’ll draw all the treasures we have found.



Tree of hope 🔊



‘A tree of hope’ is often used by charities to raise the profile of those in need. This song was inspired by an Ukranian arts project in Exeter that I pass on my way to swim, there was a tree of hope standing in its window. This song is an appreciation of the wonderful work that so many volunteers out there do every day to give hope to so many.

The tree is also the strength and warmth that lives in all of us, the dove our hearts / conscience that gives us hope when we gather together to talk about injustice and help others.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.

























There’s a tree, a mighty tree,

A tree of hope where you can find;

A steadfast strength and comfort

Seeking good for every kind.


Way up high in its branches

Sits a little white dove,

Gather round and listen well,

For it speaks of peace and love.


Gather round and listen well,

For it speaks of peace and love.



Two little boats 🔊




For all those wanderers on epic journeys.

A song inspired by recent sad events and strands of family history.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.

Epic journeys have been common since humans began on the African continent, we are a wandering race for all sorts of reasons.

At this time of year we think of biblical stories such as the journey of the Magi, Mary and Joseph's trek to Bethlehem and their flight into Egypt; there are also magnificent journeys in the Old Testament and the scriptures of other religions.

In my family one Grandmother fled Russia during the Russian revolution, my other grandparent escaped famine in Ireland, her three daughters married immigrants from a Poland, Italy and France all with their own tales to tell.

My Polish father made an epic journey from a Russian gulag camp to England via Iran and Palestine with ‘General Anders' army.

In both the the UK and USA many families have similar tales to tell – all of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants even if from the far distant past.

Sadly there are still many perilous journeys being taken to escape danger and poverty all over the world.

























There’s a star shining bright,

Way up high in the night;

Follow that star in its heavenly flight.

Where will it go?

Does anybody know?

But we know by its light,

There is safety in sight.


Off we sail in two darling little boats,

Bobbing across starlit seas;

One is called Courage, the other one Hope,

Carry us to sweet liberty.



Speed little boats, set your sails to the wind,

Run swiftly across stormy seas;

We’ll shout and we’ll sing as a new day begins,

For our hearts will be easy and free.



Thank you, dear star for your kindly guiding light,

Thank you for calming our fears,

For your comfort and presence this very long, dark night,

As the shore nears we weep joyful tears.



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