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Two little feet go tap tap tap

Two little houses

Two mother pigs

Up the tall white candlestick

Up to the ceiling, down to the floor

Wake up hand and fingers

We wave goodbye like this

What can it be?

Where is Thumbkin?

Wild geese flying

Wiggle them, wiggle them

Worms, snails and slugs

These songs are nursery rhymes and other traditional songs compiled,

illustrated and music arranged by Dany Rosevear.

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Two little feet go tap tap tap O



This song is usually chanted but the tune below seems to go well with the words.


Move as the words suggest.





























Two little feet go tap, tap, tap,

Two little hands go clap, clap, clap,

A quick little leap up from my chair,

Two little hands reach high in the air.


Two little fists go bump, bump, bump,

Two little feet go jump, jump, jump,

One little body turns round and round,

And one little child sits quietly down.




Two little houses



A simple hand play for the very youngest.


Raise both hands. Close fists. Open fists.

Put hands side by side with fingers radiating out.

Ten fingers stand tall. Walk with fingers.















Two little houses,

Closed up tight.

Let’s open the windows,

And let in some light.

The bright sun is shining, what a delight!


Ten little people stand tall and straight.

Ready for school at half past eight.




Two mother pigs 🔊



A piggy number hand play.

Dany Rosevear added the tune.


1.  Show thumb. 2. Show fingers and thumbs, put together. 3. Hold up one hand with four fingers up. 4. Hold up other hand with four fingers up. 5-6. Roll hands over each other. 7. Make fists, put together. 8. Turn fists over with palms up then put hands to cheek and snore.










































Two mother pigs lived in a pen,

Each had four babies, and that made ten.

These four babies were as happy as could be,

These four babies went “Wheee, whee, whee!”

And all eight babies loved to play,

And they rolled and they rolled in the mud all day.

At night with their mothers, they curled up in a heap,

And squealed and squealed till they went to sleep.






Up the tall white candlestick O



An action song.

My class would chant this one while waiting to dip their wicks in hot wax to make candles. Have a go – it is great fun to see the candle grow with each dip!


1. Make arm into a candlestick. 2. Run two fingers up the arm. 3. Sit mouse on the candlestick and shake head. 4. Cup hands to mouth and shout. 5. Curl fists and roll them downwards.





































Up the tall white candlestick

Crept little Mousie Brown,

Right to the top but he couldn’t get down.

So he called for his grandma,

‘Grandma, grandma!’

But grandma was in town.

So he rolled himself into a ball –

And came tumbling down!




Up to the ceiling, down to the floor  🔊



Learn the difference between right and left hands.


1.  Raise both hands up, then put them down.2. Point left with the left hand, then right with the right hand. 3. Raise right hand, then raise left hand, keeping the right hand up. 4. Twirl both hands round. 5. Hit fists on top of the other.





























Up to the ceiling,

Down to the floor,

Left to the window,

Right to the door.

This is my right hand,

Raise it up high,

This is my left hand,

Reach for the sky.

Right hand, left hand,

Twirl them both around.

Left hand, right hand,

Pound, pound, pound.




Wake up hands and fingers 🔊



A morning hand play to get moving and listening. It can be played with a baby or toddler on wakening or with young children at anytime in the morning.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.


1. Shake hands, lift feet and shake or run on the spot. 2. Rub tummy, touch ears and nose. 3. Stretch fingers and toes. 4. Put hands to ears, open and close thumb and forefinger to show bird’s beak singing and wave one hand.
































Wake up hands and fingers,

Wake up feet and toes!

Wake up hungry tummy,

Wake up ears and nose.

Stretch each little finger,

Stretch those ten toes too.

Hear the little birds sing,

“Good morning, good morning,

And a very good morning to you!”




We wave goodbye like this 🔊



Learn how to greet in a friendly way. Waving goodbye is simple and straightforward but

reetings however can be done in so many different ways around the world, some more germ free than others!

A wave is just fine but you could also high five (hands together or not!) mime a fist bump, place hands to heart and nod, shake hands, hands together and bow, salute, air kiss or kiss on each cheek or if you know someone well and are fond of them, a really big HUG!  The first verse can be used as a stand alone.

1. Wave, clap and wave hands. 2. Decide with your partnwhich is your preferred way of greeting.and mime it.





























We wave goodbye like this.

We wave goodbye like this.

We clap our hands for all our friends.

We wave goodbye like this.


We wave hello like this.

We wave hello like this.

We clap our hands for all our friends.

We wave hello like this.



What can it be? 🔊



Can also be played as an action game.

Music by Dany Rosevear.


1. Raise first two fingers and form rest of digits into a nose. 2. Throw out hands. 3. Make eating motion. 4. Form ears as before and tail with thumb and forefinger of other hand. 5. Put finger to lips. 6. As before.






























Tall ears, twinkly nose,

Tiny tail and hop, it goes!

What is it?

Can you guess?

I feed it carrots and watercress;

It’s ears are long, it’s tail is small,

And it doesn't make any noise at all!

Tall ears, twinkly nose,

Tiny tail and hop, it goes!




Where is Thumbkin? 🔊



A classic hand play naming each of the fingers.


1. Place hands behind back. 2. Show one thumb then the other. 3. Wiggle one thumb to ‘talk’ and then the other. 4. Put fists behind back. 5. Continue using a different finger each time.















Where is Thumbkin? Where is Thumbkin?

Here I am! Here I am!

How are you today, sir?

Very well, I thank you.

Run away, run away.


Where is Pointer?...

Where is Tallman?...

Where is Ringman?...

Where is pinky?


Where is the family? Where is the family?

Here we are.Here we are.

How are you today, sirs?

Very well, we thank you.

Run away, Run away.




Wiggle them, wiggle them midi



Hand gymnastics for youngsters. Use this finger play to release wiggles and calm children.

Chant as a rhyme or sing to the melody by Dany Rosevear


The words suggest what you need to do.

For fun do the same movements with the feet, sitting down of course!





























Wiggle them, wiggle them,

Wiggle them so;

Wiggle them up high,

And wiggle them low.

Wiggle to the left

And wiggle to the right.

Wiggle them, wiggle them,

Out of sight!


Shake them…

Squeeze them …

Wave them…




Wild geese flying 🔊



A hand play for late Autumn.

Melody by Dany Rosevear; the wild geese suggested a Chinese sound to the music.


1. Cross hands at wrists and fly high. 2. Wiggle fingers downwards, hold arms and shiver. 3. Loose fists run up trunk of a tree. 4. Fists chase each other and then ‘talk’ with thumb and forefingers. 5. Hop fist up arm, cup hands for a nest, put hands to cheek.























Let your hands be wild geese flying,

Far, far away.

Let your fingers be leaves twirling down,

On a cold fall day.

Let your hands be

Two frisky squirrels,

Climbing up a tree;

Chasing each other up and down,

Chattering merrily.

Then let the squirrels go hop, hop, hop,

Into a cosy nest…to rest.



Worms, snails and slugs  🔊



A summer hand play by Dany Rosevear.


The words suggest what you need to do.






























Worms, snails and slugs and other bugs,

In my garden creep and crawl;

While blackbird spies with greedy eye

A supper from the wall.

Wriggle worms! Slither slugs!

You need to speed away;

Or hide beneath a shady leaf,

To live another day.


Now worms are slow and snails more so,

And slugs are bugs that slide,

But cat’s about, and children shout,

Blackbird decides to fly!

Wriggle worms! Slither slugs!

You still must speed away;

Or hide beneath a shady leaf,

For gardener comes this way.

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