Finger and hand play H-I w

Hands on shoulders

Happy hearts

Hare wants to go to sleep

Here are the astronauts

Here are the lady’s knives and forks

Here comes the bright Spring sun

Here is a box

Here is a boy / girl

Here is a bunny

Here is a chimney

Here is a house, built up high

Here is a house with a pointed door

Here is a nest for a bluebird

Here is a tree / The apple tree

Here is the church

Here’s a ball for baby

Here’s a little mousie

Humpty Dumpty goes to the loo

I had a little cherry stone

I had a little pig

I have a little spider

I have a little toothbrush

I have ten little fingers

I saw a little rabbit go hop, hop, hop

I’m a little bunny

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These songs are nursery rhymes and other traditional songs compiled,

illustrated and music arranged by Dany Rosevear.

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Hands on shoulders 🔊



Name parts of the body and clap to four.

This rhyme can be chanted, the melody below and chords are by Dany Rosevear.

Follow instructions.





























Hands on shoulders, hands on knees,

Hands behind you, if you please;

Touch your hips and now your nose,

Now your hair and now your toes;

Hands up high way in the air,

Down at your sides, and touch your hair;

Hands up high just as before,

Now clap your hands, one, two, three, four!




Happy hearts 🔊



A song for St. Valentine’s day or any other day.

It is often difficult to express what you wish to say clearly and so much easier to make a simple sign to show your feelings, especially affectionate ones.

Recipient can be changed to ‘You’re my very dear mother’ / father etc.

Set to a French tune with words by Dany Rosevear.

1. Make heart with thumbs and forefingers. Pull hands towards heart. Blow a kiss. 2. As before then point to friend and cross hands over heart. Point to self, hands to heart, point to friend. Thumbs up.










































When you make a heart with your hands,

With thumbs and your fingers like this,

It shows there’s love, so much love in your heart,

It’s as good as blowing a kiss.


When you make a heart with your hands,

You show you just want to say,

“You’re my very good friend and I love you,

Happy, happy St. Valentine’s Day.

Happy, happy St. Valentine’s Day.


When you make a heart with your hands,

You show you just want to say,

“You’re my very good friend (dear mother etc.) and I love you,

I’m so happy that you’re here today!”

I’m so happy that you’re here today!”




Hare wants to sleep 🔊



A Ukrainian children’s rhyme and hand play by M. Stelmach.

It is set to a tune by Irina Tarasevych, you can hear her singing it in Ukrainian with her beautiful voice here: She has sung many other delightful children’s  songs.‎ Translation by Dany Rosevear.

Please let me know if there are other simple Ukrainian children’s rhymes / songs you would like me to translate and also let me know if my translations varies from the spirit / meaning of the original – mine are rarely literal so they can scan / rhyme / make sense!

1. Make hare with fist and first two fingers up, hands to cheek. 2. Smooth sheets. 3. Pull sheets up to face. 4. Make hare lie on fist pillow. 5. Flop two fingers over fist. 6. Throw out hands.





































Hare is tired as tired can be,

Makes his bed so carefully.

Snuggles up inside the bedclothes,

Lays his head on a little pillow.

Hare’s long ears have flopped down, Oh, no!

Now he’ll never go to sleep!


Заєць спати захотів

Сам постелю постелив.

Сам приніс собі подушку,

Підмостив собі під вушко.

Але в зайця довге вушко-

Все звисає із подушки.




Here are the astronauts



A topical way to learn to count back from ten. Find out what the international astronauts are doing at presents.d











Here are the astronauts

(Fists clenched, thumbs up)

And this is their rocket.

(Palms together, fingers pointing up)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

(Fold fingers down one at a time)

Blast off!

(Hands push up into space)

They’re in orbit;

Round and round the world they go,

(Hands and arms revolve about each other)

And on to the moon,

(Hands push up)

Then back to earth, down, down, down,

(Hands push down)

It’s time to land.

(Hands drop into lap)





Here are the lady’s knives and forks O


You will notice the tune is very similar to ‘Pop! Goes the weasel’

This one is not so easy to do. Younger children might like to make a cradle with both arms and rock them from side to side.












Here are the lady’s knives and forks,

With palms up interlace fingers.

Here’s the lady’s table,

Turn over to make the table.

Here’s the lady’s looking glass,

With index fingers and thumbs touching rotate hands down to show the mirror.

And here is the baby’s cradle.

Move hands back with index fingers still erect, raise little fingers then rock hands from side to side like a cradle.




Here comes the bright Spring sun 🔊



This children’s hymn ‘God sends his bright spring sun’ is by Eleanor Smith and can be found in Linda Chesterman’s ‘Music for the nursery’ published in 1935. The word have been modified here for a more secular age by Dany Rosevear who also wrote the new melody.


1. Draw a circle with hands. 2. Spread hands outwards with wiggling fingers. 3. Place palms together and open. 4. Spread fingers round face. 5. Put hands to heart and then outwards. 6. Stretch arms upwards. 7. Kiss lips. 8. As before.






























Here comes the bright Spring sun,

It melts the ice and snow,

It wakens up the green leaf buds,

And makes the flowers grow.


And so when our love shines bright,

It makes our goodness grow,

We’ll then be sweet just like the flowers,

That in our garden grow.



Here is a box



A hand play from Sally Schweizer’s lovely anthology ‘Autumn Songbook’. Add other verses about different creatures or anything else.


1. Cup hands close to chest with thumbs over the top. 2. Shut one eye and look inside – make a squeaky sound. 3. Open eyes and ask what it might be. 4. Scamper fingers up the other arm.















Here is a box with a very small lid,

I wonder whatever inside it is hid?

Squeak! Squeak!

Why, it’s a mouse without any doubt!

Open the lid and let it come out!


Here is a box with a very small lid,

I wonder whatever inside it is hid?

Ribbit! Ribbit!

Why, it’s a frog without any doubt!

Open the lid and let it come out!


Here is a box with a very small lid,

I wonder whatever inside it is hid?

Tweet! Tweet!

Why, it’s a robin without any doubt!

Open the lid and let fly come out!



Here is a boy / girl 🔊



A dear little bedtime hand play. Insert child’s name ‘my Emily’/ ‘my Isaac’ instead of boy / girl. Start with the hand play then sing to child in bed acting out the bedtime routine.

Music by Dany Rosevear.


1. Show first finger of right hand, open palm of left. 2. Lay thumb alongside first finger, place  first finger of right hand on palm. 3. Wiggle fingers and cover sleeping finger. 4. Rock hands gently and kiss sleeping finger.






























Here is a boy /girl, here is his bed,

Here is his pillow, here is his head,

Here are his covers, pull them up tight,

Sing him a lullaby, kiss him goodnight!



Here is a bunny 🔊



A simple hand play as below or play as an action song with hands to head for rabbit ears and hop disappearin down into hole.

Music by Dany Rosevear.


1. Make right hand into a fist and raise first two fingers. 2. Circle left arm into a hole. 3. Put hand to ear. 4. Rabbit hand dives into hole.



























Here is a bunny with ears so funny

And here is a hole in the ground.

When a noise he hears,

He pricks up his ears,

And jumps in the hole in the ground.




Here is a chimney



A simple traditional Christmas hand play.


1. Hold out fist with thumb tucked inside. 2. Place the other hand palm down on top. 3. Take away that hand. 4. Thumb pops up!













Here is a chimney,

Here is a top.

Open the cover,

Out Santa Claus pops!




Here is a house, built up high



A hand play.


Stretch arms up touching fingertips like a roof, use fists to build a house. 2. Stretch arms up separately. 3. Make a square shape with hands. 4. Knock. 5. Fingers move like a mouse scampering.


Here is a house, built up high,

With two tall chimneys reaching the sky.

Here are the windows.

Here is the door.

If we peep inside

We’ll see - a mouse on the floor.






Here is a house with a pointed door



‘A Little Finger Game’ by E. J. Falconer.


‘Pointed door’ Index fingers and thumbs together.

‘Windows tall’ Fingers of both hands joined at the tips and stretched apart.

‘Fine flat floor’ Hands held flat, palms down, side by side on floor or desk.

‘Three good people’ Three middle fingers of one hand standing up under shelter of the other.

‘One fat cat’ Right hand thumb stands up.

‘One thin mouse’ Right hand little finger stands up.

‘Out of his hole’ Right hand little finger peeps through left hand folded into a fist.

‘Out of his corner’ Right-hand thumb jumps over upon left-hand fist.

‘Three good people’ Fingers up as before.

‘Mousie inside’ Little finger draws back inside left hand fist.


Here is a house with a pointed door,

Windows tall, and a fine flat floor.

Three good people live in the house,

One fat cat, and one thin mouse.

Out of his hole the mousie peeps,

Out of his corner the pussie-cat leaps!

Three good people say " Oh! oh! oh! "

Mousie inside says " No! no! no! "







Here is a nest for a bluebird


This can be played with a baby or for a toddler / young child to imitate.


Here is a nest for a bluebird,

Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

Make a nest with hands, open and close fingers

And here is a hive for a bee,

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Curl hands together like a ball, cross forefingers

Here is a hole for a bunny,

Flip flop! Flip flop!

Make a circle with forefingers and thumbs Hands go up and down like long ears on head

And here is a house for me.

Make a roof with hands over baby’s head



Here is a tree with leaves so green /

The apple tree 🔊



A simple hand play for Autumn for the very young.


1. Put forearms together and spread hands. 2. Make hands into fists. 3. Move hands like the wind and fists tumble down with rolling arms. 4. Make a basket with hand, pick up apples and put them in the basket.































Here is a tree with leaves so green.

Here are the apples that hang in between.

When the wind blows the apples will fall,

And here is a basket to gather them all.





Here is the church



A finger rhyme.


Here is the church

And here is the steeple,

Open it wide

And here are the people.


Here is the parson climbing the stairs,

And here he is saying his prayers.

Weave fingers to make a fist.

Put up index fingers.

Turn hands over so fingers are upright.

Wriggle fingers.


Make hand like a ladder so index finger and thumb can climb up.

Place palms together.






Here’s a ball for baby 🔊



A hand play for baby at bedtime.  A winding down song, perhaps before the bedtime story. Use child’s name when singing.

Music by Dany Rosevear.

Couplet 1. Thumbs and forefingers make a circle. 2. Fist pounds palm. 3. Stand fingers upright. 4. Blow through enclosed fists and toot. 5. Place palm on forefinger.

6. Wave. 7. Place palms on eyes, take them away and call ‘Peek-a-boo’ 8. Rock hands.

Hands to cheek.


















































Here’s a ball for baby,

Big and soft and round.

Here is baby's hammer,

Oh, how it can pound!

Here are baby's teddies,

Standing in a row,

Here is baby's trumpet,

Listen to it blow. Toot! Toot!


Here is an umbrella,

To keep the baby dry.

Look how little baby

Waves and says”Goodbye!”

Here’s the way the baby

Plays at hide and seek. Peek-a-boo!

And here is baby's cradle,

To rock the child to sleep.




Here’s a little mousie 🔊



A simple cat and mouse rhyme. Learn to identify left and right.

Music by Dany Rosevear.


1. Pop forefinger of one hand through fist of the other. 2. Wiggle finger to the left then the right. 3. Pull finger into fist. 4. Brush fingers outwards on cheek.



























Here's a little mousie,

Peeking through a hole.

Peek to the left.

Peek to the right.

Pull your head back in,

There's a cat in sight!



Humpty Dumpty goes to the loo 🔊



An amusing one to reinforce hand hygiene.

Adapted by Dany Rosevear.


Verse 1. One fist on top of the other. Nod with thumb up. Mimic hand washing. Sweep hands apart. Thumb up. Verse 2. Mimic hand washing. Hold up right then left hand wiggle hands. As before.































Humpty Dumpty goes to the loo,

Humpty Dumpty knows what to do,

By washing hands clean straight after, it’s true,

Away goes the dirt and all the germs too!


Humpty Dumpty washes both hands,

The right and the left are then spick and span,

By washing hands clean, for both me and you,

It’s away with the nasties, and all the germs too!





I had a little cherry stone 🔊



A good hand play for Springtime when all about is beginning to grow; don’t forget to look out for the cherry blossom.


Hold pretend stone with thumb and forefinger. Push stone in the hole made by the other hand.Make tip of forefing appear through the hole. Finger grows upwards. Arm grows into a tree. Mime picking cherries. Pretend to eat cherry, spit out stone ready to plant it again.







































I had a little cherry stone,

And put it in the ground.

And when next year I came to look

A little shoot I found.


The shoot grew upwards day by day

And soon became a tree.

I picked the juicy cherries

And I ate them for my tea!




I had a little pig 🔊



A simple hand play.

Music arranged by Dany Rosevear.


1. Beat fist with little finger out on palm of the other hand. 2. Spread hands apart, make fist with thumb fly over shoulder and come back with little finger hidden. 3. Make fist with one hand. 4. Then the other. 5. Pound hands one over the other, wiggle little finger.

































I had a little pig

And I fed him in a trough,

He got so big that his tail popped off!

So, I got me a hammer

And I got me a nail,

And I made that pig a wooden tail!





I have a little spider 🔊



A simple hand play, could be suitable at Halloween (a witch’s spider?) for the very young; encourage them to do this with adults. This could also be used for baby play.

Music and words arranged by Dany Rosevear.


1. Wiggle fingers with a claw like hand. 2. Stroke back of hand. 3. Make spider crawl to suggested places. 4. Put hands to cheek. 5. Run spider back down and into hand.
































I have a little spider,

I'm very fond of him,

He crawls onto my shoulder,

Then up onto my chin,

He crawls up to my nose,

Then jumps upon my head;

But when he’s feeling sleepy…

He runs right back to bed!




I have a little toothbrush 🔊



Encourage dental hygiene.

Traditional, second verse by Dany Rosevear.


1. Mime cleaning teeth – one hand then the other. 2. Open mouth. Draw smile. Put up both thumbs. Point inside mouth.





























I have a little toothbrush,

I hold it very tight,

I brush my teeth at morning

And then again at night.


When I see the dentist,

I’m told to “Open wide!”

S/he gives a smile and thumbs up.

“It’s so white and clean inside!”





I have ten little fingers O



Tune by Dany Rosevear. This rhyme is usually chanted but older children might like the challenge of a melody.

Don’t forget to count those fingers before you start. What else can your fingers do?



































I have ten little fingers, (Hold up ten fingers)

They all belong to me. (Point to self)

I can make them do things, (Wiggle them)

Would you like to see? (Point to others, then eyes)


I can open them up wide, (Spread them)

I can shut them tight, (Make fists)

I can put them together, (Clasp hands with fingers intertwined)

Or put them out of sight, (Put behind back)


I can make them go high, (Raise hands high)

I can make them go low, (Lower them)

I can fold them quietly, (Fold them)

And sit just so. (Sit still)




I’m a little bunny 🔊



A healthy eating hand play. Second verse Dany Rosevear.


Verse 1. Curl fingers in and stick up fingers, make hand hop. Rub tummy and eat. Pat tummy, make rabbit ears with hands. Eat, show off muscles. 2. As before move faster. Use other hand to make mother, put hand to mouth, shake finger. Eat, put up thumb.


































I'm a little bunny, watch me hop,

My favourite food is a carrot top.

My tummy is all fluffy, and my ears are long,

I eat lots of veggies so my muscles are strong.


I'm a little bunny, watch me run,

In and out the cabbages, isn’t it fun?

Mother calls, “It’s tea time!” No more play!

Eating lots of veggies keeps the doctor away.




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